HAMPDEN PARK 1903 - 2003

The 31st of October 2003 saw the 100th anniversary of the opening of the third, and greatest, Hampden Park. The new stadium was opened with a 1-0 league victory over Celtic before a crowd of over 38,000. 

To mark the occasion there are previews of the match below, and on other pages reports and reviews of the game.

"Queen's Park's new ground - 

The Amateurs third and permanent home"

"To-morrow will be a red letter day in the history of Scotland's most famous association football club. Queen's Park, whose history, one might almost say, is the history of the game as it concerned this Northern part of the island.

The Queen's Park gave inception to the "socker" code in Scotland; from its flourishing growth sprang the Scottish Football Association; its players provided Scotland with her most noted international players; and it is the only club of a once brilliant company that has stood by its amateur faith.

The record of Queen's Park is bright with great achievements; it is a record which can never be equalled. Thirty six years ago, on the 9th of July last, the club was brought almost with timidity into existence and proceeded to play on a piece of open ground in the then South-side Park. Tomorrow, it formally opens at Mount Florida, the third enclosure it has possessed. That this will prove the permanent home of the club is no less gratifying than that it is likely to be, when the finishing touches have been applied, the finest enclosure of the kind in Great Britain. Picturesquely situated, the ground possesses almost unlimited accommodation for spectators, and the architecture of the stands and terracing is such as to complete a pretty picture. The grounds occupy in all some 12 1/2 acres, and the playing pitch, which in these days is a very important quality, is one of the finest pieces of turf one could wish to see.

The opening ceremony tomorrow is to be performed by the Lord Provost, Sir John Ure Primrose, and at the conclusion of the match with the Celtic team a specially invited company will gather round the social board in the Alexandra Hotel. (Evening Citizen 30/10/1903)  

The composition of the Queen's Park team was also given ample coverage in the papers, and the Evening Citizen noted on 28th October that "Queen's Park are wisely keeping to the team that represented them in their last four matches. The policy of chop and change never did bring great results."

On the day of the game the Daily Record reported that "In connection with to-day's opening match at New Hampden Park it is interesting to recall that Queen's Park joined the Scottish Football League in 1900 and played their first match at Dundee on the first day of September. Of the players forming the team, J F Templeton, James Eadie, D Wilson and A McE Swann are the only remaining members of the League eleven nowadays".

It also stated that "For the match at New Hampden park today the New Caledonia Railway Company will, in addition to the ordinary train service, run four specials from the Central, returning at the close of the match"

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