After Extra Time

Stats on penalty shoot outs, tosses of a coin and even the number of corners won! 

Clean Sheets

Here's a list of all goalkeepers who have played for Queen's since we joined the league in 1900 and who have kept their goals intact for at least one match, listed simply in order of the number of clean sheets they have kept.

To give these clean sheet statistics a slightly more balanced perspective, here's the list, limited to those keepers who have played 20 times or more, with the number of clean sheets expressed as a percentage of their appearances, up to the end of the 2014/15 season. 


Just what it says on the tin - a list of every league and cup hat-trick scored since for Queen's Park 1867. 

Other events at Hampden

Events at Hampden other than football

Last Played

When did we last play against each current SPL & SFL team?


The youngest and oldest players to play for the club

Scoring Debuts

A full list of every player to have scored on their first appearance for the club

Loan Players

A list of every loan players to have played for Queen's Park

Days of the week

A list of which days all our games have been played.

Strange Tales

Strange stories from the distant past which made the papers of the day

Team Pictures

Old Team pictures and (hopefully) a bit of information about them.