With Queen's well known opposition to joining the embryonic Scottish Football League, it remains something of a mystery why they were happy to take part in both the Glasgow and Inter City Leagues for a decade from 1895, some five years before the club finally joined the SFL.

Queen's were founder members of the Glasgow League, with games normally played in the Spring of each season. After finishing last of the four entrants in its inaugural season, Queen's won the League in 1896/97, winning six out of eight games, their best finish in the competition. 

In 1899/1900 the competition expanded to include Heart of Midlothian and Hibernian and was re-named the Inter City League, and in 1902/03 St Mirren and Dundee both took part in the competition, but this move as short lived and the league returned to being competed for by Glasgow and Edinburgh clubs in 1903/04.

In 1904/05 the Glasgow League returned, although the Inter City league continued with other clubs joining it, but with the SFL starting to dominate the schedule, both the Glasgow and Inter City Leagues ceased at the end of 1905/06 season.   

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