The advent of a Scottish Football League in 1890 marked a watershed in the game in Scotland as it hurtled towards full professionalism, with Queen's an avowed opponent of the new set-up, correctly predicting that it would lead to the game being dominated by a handful of clubs from major cities.

However, as they found it harder and harder to arrange matches against teams who had turned their attentions to the League, Queen's were forced to reconsider and (perhaps with one eye on the costs of the planned construction of third Hampden) did not need to be asked twice when the opportunity arose to join the league set-up in 1900, although quite why the club were so against the Scottish Football League but happy to play in Glasgow and Inter-City Leagues has always been a bit of a mystery.

However, they were now in the League and were immediately launched into Division One, where their record was, to put it kindly, undistinguished. With no automatic promotion/relegation until the early 1920's, on five occasions Queen's were spared the drop to the Second Division that their league placing suggested they deserved.

With friends at many clubs, and a higher average attendance than many clubs in those gate-sharing days, Queen's survived in the top Division until 1921/22, the second season of automatic promotion/relegation, when they finished second bottom of the First Division and were relegated. 

Their stay in the Second Division was of the shortest possible length as Queen's picked up the first of their five League Championships at the first time of asking, and the club were to remain in the top Division on merit until the Second World War. Indeed, it was in the late 1920's that Queen's hit their best form in the League, finishing 5th in 1926/27 (scoring 100 goals in the process), their highest ever finish in the club's history (so far!). 

As the Second World War approached, Queen's were again relegated at the end of 1944/45 season, but with the new season just four games old (and Queen's unbeaten!), the SFL was abandoned with the onset of war, with Queen's playing in the Scottish Southern League for the duration, mainly against the teams they had been playing in the First Division.

Once the war was over, the League set-up was re-established, with Queen's perhaps fortunate to be back in the top division, although their stay was just three seasons long. It took a further eight seasons for Queen's to regain their top flight status, winning the Second Division in 1955/56, although again their stay in the top flight was brief, and two seasons later Queen's were back in the Second Division.

After league reconstruction in 1975 and the formation of a third division, Queen's remained in the bottom tier until winning the Second Division in 1980/81, although again relegation followed after two seasons.

Queen's remained in the bottom division until 1999/2000, when another league win saw them promoted from the Third Division, unfortunately relegation following after just one season in the Second Division.

With the advent of the play-off format in the SFL in 2006, Queen's have regularly qualified for these, although successful on only two occasions, in 2006/07 and 2015/16. However, the move to professionalism in January 2020 paid dividends the following season, with Queen's winning the League Two Championship in April 2021.

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