After the Emergency War Cup was played in season 1939/40 to compensate for the loss of the Scottish Cup during the war years,  the Southern League Cup was introduced in 1940/41 in its place, again to compensate for the lack of Scottish Cup games.

Played for by the members of the Southern League, it was played in four groups of four with the winners of each group qualifying for the semi finals, although it was expanded in its last season, 1945/46, to eight groups of four with winners qualifying for the quarter finals.

With Queen's not able to finish in the top half of the Southern League during the war, it's no surprise that they also struggled in the Southern League Cup, although in 1944/45 they did win five out of their six group games, qualifying for the semi finals where they lost to Rangers.

The competition proved so popular that the format was continued after the war under the auspices of the Scottish Football League and was renamed the League Cup.

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